V.O.T.E. - The Four Reasons We Must Vote

Some wonder Why should I vote?

Here is your answer:

If you want America to improve, you must vote, because with your vote, you can:

VOCALIZE what needs to be heard,

OVERCOME the failures of the past,

TRANSFORM individual ballots into societal change, and

ELECT leaders who will serve us well.

V-O-T-E: these are the four reasons why we must vote.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, I delivered a speech about the four reasons we must vote at the Antelope Valley March for Our Lives. I was moved to be one voice among many, and I’m thankful that — through the voices of young people across the nation — the tide is turning, the arc is bending, and progress is approaching. My speech is below, in full, with optional & accurate subtitles accessible through YouTube.

We are the deeds we do.

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