My candidacy to become an Assembly District Delegate 

I am running to serve the Democrats of California Assembly District 36 as one of their fourteen Assembly District Delegates for the California Democratic Party. The Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) - through which the fourteen ADDs will be elected - will take place remotely in January 2021. 

To support my campaign, you must be a registered Democratic Party voter currently residing in the thirty-sixth Assembly District. To check if you live in the thirty-sixth Assembly District, you can use the search by address feature of the State Legislature's website (available here). To check your official party registration, you can use your county website (available here for Los Angeles County residents and available here for San Bernardino County residents).

To discuss the ADEM process with me, email me at nsveiven 'at' or send me a text (or give me a ring) at 661-361-8868. 

Why me, why now

I and other young people like me are not merely the future of the Democratic Party. As the Sunrise Movement, Greta Thunberg, the Black Lives Matter movement, and countless other leaders and movements around the world make clear: young folk are leaders today.


In the face of so many problems afflicting our community and our world, I offer my experiences, talents, and values to represent the best of our community, and to work for the improvement of our politics for the sake of our society. 

Assembly District Delegates vote on Democratic Party endorsements in their communities, decide California Democratic Party leadership, and develop and approve the Platform and Policy positions of the California Democratic Party. 

As a member of a generation only beginning to contribute to society's progress, I stand ready and eager to work for a more progressive Democratic Party - in the hope that a better party will better serve our community, state, nation, and world. 

What I stand for

I believe in a California where the quality of one's life is independent of one's income and where our politics is focused on the maintenance and development of human rights. I believe that equality and justice are more than just constitutional keywords; these civic values are also ways of life, frameworks by which to live, work, and love.


I support policies in accordance with these beliefs, policies that honor the diversity and dignity of all human lives. I believe in medical care for all, housing for all, opportunities for work and leisure for all, and a quality public education for all people - regardless of their citizenship or other status. I also believe in the fundamental dignity of all beings, regardless of their species or region of residence (and I believe the adoption and proliferation of this worldview can contribute much to the California Democratic Party). 

If I am elected as an Assembly District Delegate, I will strive to achieve a more progressive and inclusive California Democratic Party, less connected to the corporate interests of the wealthiest Californians and - instead - centered upon the lived realities of everyone, especially the most vulnerable members of society. I will accomplish this objective by seeking opportunities for involvement in candidate endorsement and platform creation processes, and by working to elect quality candidates who will improve our communities. We must conceptualize political engagement as a year-round affair, focusing on the well-being of fellow community members not merely during election seasons but every day of the year: a noble goal already fulfilled by many kind and generous people in the Antelope Valley.

The opportunity to serve as an Assembly District Delegate will further my ambitions for public service by formalizing and extending the work I already do as a student advocate and local political organizer and by providing me with a vehicle through which to further network with Democrats in the Antelope Valley and throughout California. 

To connect with me and discuss issues near and dear to you, please email me at nsveiven 'at' or send me a text (or give me a ring) at 661 361 8868. 

Noah Sveiven at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

We are the deeds we do.

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